About us

  • Our goal is to collect those small- and medium-sized producers, who are producing exclusive quality goods. We believe that these can contribute to our gastronomic and cultural heritage. As we experience, there is a raise in the number of people who knows that the base of healthy nutrition is the food made of clear and traditional local ingredients. The sun-drenched Hungarian vegetables and fruits are not delivered for weeks as other foreign products – these get to our producers immediately right after the harvest keeping their valuable components. It is advantageous for us, for the consumers as well as for the small-sized family businesses

    For a woman – living in a small village, making jams made of local fruits – it is priceless to get on the shelves of an international retail chain. Stelázsi provides simple opportunity for these people, for small producers, as we are buying the products directly from them. By this opportunity they can reach out to a wider public in one step, than selling their products only on fairs.

    We think that healthy nutrition is coming from the traditional meals, as the industrial products are new and it turns out several times that the components are harmful. Besides it is also about the existence of several people, about the interests of sustainable family economies. The importance of quality and reliability has to be recreated.

    After opening of Stelázsi, we are continuously visiting fairs, events, but not for filling up our chamber, but to fill up Stelazsi. We are trying tastes, looking for the new sources of supply. Besides we are packing-up Stelazsi, and we are passing through the country and the world with Stelazsi products. You can find in the “events” tab that when and on which festival you can meet us.